Timbres of Summer

Timbres of Summer

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11.9.2020, 12.00 (Kyiv time)

Center for Urban History / online

The team of curators visited Orest Bachmaha at his house on the outskirts of L’viv to conduct a video interview. In the 1970s and 1980s, this person was part of a huge army of amateurs, shaped in the former USSR. But he belonged to a certain circle of amateurs, such as media amateurs, who produced radios, recording machines, and worked on the margin between amateur film and video art. Bachmaha produced several films about his garden (one is called Colours of Summer), where he ‘gazed’ at nature through the lenses of his amateur camera. One of these films we will show to the audience in an edited format – after being digitized it received music timbres. The screening is followed by a live discussion and online QA session.


  • Sofia Dyak, historian, director of the Center for Urban History
  • Oleksandr Makhanets, head of Urban Media Archive, Center for Urban History
  • Bohdan Shumylovych, head of public history programs, Center for Urban History

The event will take place online. Please find the video stream below.