Revision of Heritage: Concepts, Approaches, Examples

Revision of Heritage: Concepts, Approaches, Examples

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Preservation of historical heritage is experiencing a real boom in the world: we are all concerned about things, quarrelling, protesting, and fundraising. The situation of war poses an additional challenge and forced us to value monuments more — unfortunately, this very often comes after their damage or loss. But do we know much about those who have experienced and seen value in old houses, things, or traditions before us? Where did the idea of heritage come from, and who invented it? How was the heritage once cared for? How has the heritage been preserved in previous armed conflicts?

We invite you to participate in the Reading Discussion Group "Reviewing Heritage: Concepts, Approaches, Examples" to discuss books on heritage, and in particular, on heritage under threat. For reading, we will offer classic and modern texts that have built key approaches in this field.

The reading group will meet once a month on the Zoom platform to discuss one book.

The first two meetings will focus on texts that critically analyze contemporary ways of thinking about heritage and their relation to identity politics and social inequalities, both in nation-states and in larger imagined communities:

Next, we will discuss books focusing on historical cases from different times and countries turning to the origins of modern understanding of heritage in imperial and nation-building contexts, from the emergence of the concept of a monument, through the nineteenth century, to the times of socialism and post-socialist transformation:

The reading group will be interesting for all those interested in heritage research and promotion involved in studying, professional protection and revitalization, architects, urban activists, and urbanists.

The language of discussion is Ukrainian.

Duration — 1 hour

To participate in the Reading Discussion Group, please register. Anyone who has previously registered to participate in a reading group does not need to register again.

All registered users will receive access to the books, and a Zoom link in advance of each meeting.


  • Initiative group: Roxoliana Holovata, Sofia Dyak, Olha Zarechniuk, Viktoriia Panas, Iryna Sklokina, Diána Vonnák
  • Coordination and logistics support: Sofia Andrusyshyn, Roxoliana Holovata, Victoria Panas

For questions, please, contact Sofiia Andrusyshyn, [email protected].

The Reading Group is part of the Centre's research focus on Urban Heritage: Concepts, Practices and Heritage.


Cover Image: View of the central part of Lviv, photo by Thanas Nikiforuk/ / Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History