New Contexts for Old Ideas: On Nationalisms in Ukraine and Europe

New Contexts for Old Ideas: On Nationalisms in Ukraine and Europe

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Kharkiv, "Studio 42", Constitution sq., 1, second floor

Europe is now living through the period of revival of nationalisms. Many countries in the European Union are willing to regain the sovereignty they yielded for the sake of a collective idea of united Europe. The countries of the former socialist block and the USSR are increasingly often resorting to radical right ideas in search of their identities and political place in present-day Europe. Over the past 25 years, nationalism for Ukrainian society has become both a means to get rid of Russian influence, and also a strong desire to become part of the European Union.

What are the sources of nationalism in Ukraine? What is the role of nationalism in Ukrainian history? What are the reasons for the revival of nationalisms? What is nationalism like today in Ukraine and in Europe? Is there any threat that the classic national state of the early 20th century could come back? The questions were attended by discussants, historians and philosophers from Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv, Oleksandr Zaytsev, Mykhaylo Minakov, Vasyl Rasevych, and Serhiy Naumov. Moderated by Volodymyr Sklokin.

Discussion was held as a part of the lecture and discussion program of the cultural forum "PogranKult: GaliciaKult" and supported by the International Renaissance Foundation.