Welcome Days in the Urban Media Archive

Welcome Days in the Urban Media Archive

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September 30 - October 4, 2019

On the occasion of the International Home Movie Day, the  Urban Media Archive will host the traditionally established open days. Owners of private archives have a unique opportunity to digitize them free of charge. During the week, welcome to bring your home video recordings on 8mm and 16mm films to the Center for Urban History at  6, Bohomoltsia Street.

Filming on the 8mm film is the practice that has become particularly popular in the 1960s. It was possible due to the spread of the technology, and new production facilities that could provide for the turnover of the film. In Lviv, the use of the format can be still traced in the mid 1990s, when it ran parallel with the new video format for that time, shortly after the cinefilm eventually lost to the video. Due to its compactness and accessibility, the 8mm came to be used in private settings, to record everyday routines and family stories. It gave rise to an entire new genre referred to as "home movie". The records can often be found also on the 16mm films. At the same time, there was a rather large movement of movie amateurs who made their own films and stories with the help of these media. Amateurs produced their movies both individually, and also united around companies and official interest groups initiated by the state, and thus controlled, too.

Today, both home movies and amateur films need more research, preservation, and actualization. It is an important part of history and the sources that open up for researchers an unusual perspective on a human being in the past. At the same time, it is a chance to discover personal family stories, often unseen, and share them with others.

On October 18, at 5 pm, in a conference room of the Center for Urban History, there will be a celebration of the International Home Movie Day, and the presentation of the materials digitized this year, as well as film screenings, and their discussion.

The Home Movie Day is a celebration of amateur videos and movies marked every October in many places in the world. The activities on the day enable individuals and families watching and sharing their home movies, seeing their neighbours, etc. It is a chance to learn why the movies should be taken care of and how one shall be doing it.

For more details on digitization of your home videos, please, contact: [email protected], or visit our office at: 6, Bohomoltsia Street.


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