The Past (Not) Overcome

The Past (Not) Overcome

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For the second time this fall, oral historians from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, and Russia got together to discuss their ideas, share their doubts, and plan future cooperation: on October 8-9, Odesa hosted the International Conference "Oral History of the Past (Not) Overcome: Event – Narrative - Interpretation".

Can oral history become a catalyst for social change? This question became the focus of the session "Oral History as a Research Project/ Public Initiative: Challenges and Benefits of (Co)Working". Researchers from Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland shared their experience of implementing projects where the narrator is not a tool for receiving information, but rather the main recipient subject of the produced interview. This session also featured a presentation of the Center for Urban History’s experience made by Natalia Otrishchenko, project manager of UStories. Her impressions of the conference are available at the following link:


Сover Image: Ukranian Oral History Association