Support to the (post)industrial history project | Create with Suspilne

Support to the (post)industrial history project | Create with Suspilne

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A project of the Center for Urban History, in partnership with the Pryvit/production "Labour, Losses, Experience: (Post)Industrial Biography of the City" was selected among the winners of the "Create with Suspilne" competition. The project outcome will be a documentary story to be broadcast by the Suspilne channel in 2021.

Usually, the stories of plants are written through the history of buildings and manufacturing facilities. On the other hand, deindustrialization is discussed as the termination of production and destruction. The project "Labour, Losses, Experience: (Post)Industrial Biography of the City" offers to expand a conversation about the industrial things with the stories of certain people. It helps see the (de)industrialization processes not only as a collapse of production but as the systemic transformations affecting all aspects of urban life that are still shaping our present.

68 projects have been selected for production and broadcast at the Suspilne regional television channels in the coming year. Other supported projects from Lviv also include the "D Generation" by the team of Andriy Usach, Anna Yutchenko, and Anna Yatsenko. These are very different projects that share the focus. They take different perspectives to explore the experiences of the postwar decades in the region and search for the language to comprehend them.


Production and media about the culture. The team has experience in making documentary stories focusing on social, cultural, and educational projects. In particular, the Pryvit/production produced a series of mini-documentaries on heritage for the Center for Urban History. The clients include the House of Europe, Ukrainian Institute, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, America House, UNICEF Ukraine, CANactions, Art Arsenal, a.o.

"Create with Suspilne"

The cooperation program in partnership with the Suspilne public broadcaster for outsourced productions, open call for creative projects to be broadcast on regional channels of the UA:Суспільне мовлення.


Cover image: Collection of Volodymyr Rumyantsev // Urban Media Archive