Heritage You Discover. A Series of Video Stories

Heritage You Discover. A Series of Video Stories

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Could we qualify the films from the family personal archives as heritage? Could the heritage lens focus on Soviet sites, on the abandoned furniture, a gate in the next-door hallway, a wall with advertising signs on the local library building? Could a concept be a heritage? Who can legitimize its status? How do you protect it? What opportunities can heritage offer or claim? The talk around the issues could be more reflective and sensitive if you take an unusual perspective.

Within the project "ReHERIT: Shared Responsibility for Common Heritage" jointly with the Pryvit/production we produced a series of short video stories. We use them to invite you to uncover the frequently unnoticed and unobvious heritage sites. They may not be part of formal registers but it does not deprive them of any value for everyone. With this series of short video stories, we invite you to uncover the frequently unnoticed or unobvious heritage sites. They may not be included in formal registers but it does not deprive them of any value for everyone. All six video stories have grown виростають за принципом масштабування — from private to public — from home videos to a concept of a residential area. The approach allows to expand the range of our imagination and views on heritage.

The heroes share their stories on open heritage sites or heritage ideas, about the experiences or distances towards them. They are all different, either personal and/or professional. At the same time, they are also shared. They empathize and care, understand the significance, even though unobvious today. They reflect on the status of heritage and its legitimization today. They reflect on the opportunities for the future.


  • Oleksandra Davydenko, graphic designer
  • Bohdan Shumylovych, researcher, culturologist
  • Pavlo Bohaychyk, head of the "Heritage Bureau," Office for the Protection of Historical Environment
  • Maryana Romaniak, journalist, Instagram blogger
  • Natalia Semchuk, head of the library "At the High Castle Downhill"
  • Volodymyr Paliy, architect, "Room 66" studio
  • Stepan Burban, musician, “Palindrome” project author
  • Sofia Dyak, researcher, historian

ReHERIT: Shared Responsibility for Common Heritage

The project focuses on cultural heritage for the economic, tourist, cultural, and educational development of Uman, Lviv, and some other cities in Ukraine. It aims at establishing communication between the authorities, NGOs and public initiatives. The project is implemented by the Office for Preservation of Historical Heritage of Lviv City Council, the Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe (Lviv), Laboratory of Urban Space (Lviv), and the Office for Culture of Uman City Council, financially supported by the European Union.


Production and media about culture. The team is experienced in producing documentaries. They focus on social, cultural, and educational projects. In particular, the Pryvit/production produced a series of mini-documentaries on heritage for the Center for Urban History. The customers include the House of Europe, Ukrainian Institute, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, America House, UNICEF Ukraine, CANactions, Art Arsenal, a.o.

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The material has been produced and supported with the financial support of the European Union. Its content is an exclusive responsibility of the ReHERIT project partners and does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Union.