Exhibition "Fragile State"

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February 22 - March 31, 2019

Odesa Museum of Modern Art hosts a final exhibition of SWAP: UK/Ukraine Residencу Programme.

Last year, Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History joined the program of art residencies for the first time. Within the program, in September and October, a photo-artist Martim Ramos explored the materials of the media archive. As a result, he produced a pseudo-documentary "A darker, better place" based on the footage from the archive of Lviv television you can see at the exhibition.

The title of the exhibit – Fragile State – references the political, emotional and social context reflected in the work of the nine Ukrainian and British SWAP artists – Anna Kakhiani, Nikolay Karabinovych, Victoria Myronyuk, Dana Venezia, Helen Flanagan, Jaimini Patel, Martim Ramos, Riccardo Matlakas, Susannah Stark. Curatorial team – Ilya Zabolotnyi (British Council) and Lina Romanuka (IZOLYATSIA Foundation).

This year, the exhibition of art residencies SWAP: UK/UKRAINE 2018 is taking place in Odesa, since Odesa is a twin city of Liverpool that hosts one of the largest and most influential exhibitions of modern art in the United Kingdom – Liverpool Biennale.

The experience of joining the program of residencies was very interesting for the Center for Urban History. We are also happy to continue the cooperation on exhibitions with the Museum of Modern Art of Odesa. The first opportunity to implement a joint project was last autumn when we worked with the "(un)named" exhibition.


Сover Image:  British Council in Ukraine