City of the Future

City of the Future

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February 15, 2020

At the Institute for Culture Strategy (6/7 Mitskevycha Square), The Department for Development of Lviv City Council hosts a business game "City of the Future." The game is dedicated to construction of the concept of cultural center to be established at 42 Rynok Square. Facilitator -  Bohdan Shumylovych, Public History projects coordinator at the Center for Urban History.

The game "City of the Future" was designed over 10 years ago as commissioned by the British Council. The first time it was organized in Lviv was back in 2009 at the Center for Urban History. Bohdan Shumylovych is a certified trainer and facilitator of this project in Ukraine. After several years of activities, the materials about the "City of the Future" game were archived on the "Creative Cities" page.

The "City of the Future" game incentivizes the development of new type of thinking about challenges a city faces due to globalization, migration, climate change, urbanization, safety, and the pressing social needs. The players construct their image of an ideal city of the future, and act as strategic thinkers. The game aims at bringing together the non-indifferent people who are trying hard to change the world for the better, and pursue their personal growth. These are the people who love their city and are ready to help make it a better place to live, work and have leisure; they are interested to work in a team, and to communicate despite any restrains or cultural differences.

We are delighted that the Center for Urban History can join the development of an important and relevant institution of culture in a historical center of the city. Stay tuned for updates!

Some time earlier, at the premises of "Lviv Radio Station", where the first in Lviv media-museum will be organized with support of the city, a meeting rook place to discuss some early ideas about content and functions of the townhouse at 42, Rynok Square. You can read more about the meeting on the website of the Institute of Culture Strategy.


Сover Image: Rynok Sq., 42. Fragment of the facade of the first floor / Igor Zhuk, 2013