Capturing History

Capturing History

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History is made here, and takes place now. Everybody is involved in making it. The significance of a moment, dynamics of development and change, hope and vision for the future – these are the things we wish to document for further interpretation in the academic and public milieus.

As part of society, as citizens, we participate in events that will become history, but we also wish to join this process as researchers –with our knowledge, skills, and opportunities. Although we cancelled all events at the Center, and joined the strike in protest at the brutal actions of the government against peaceful citizens, perpetrated in violation of human rights, we continue working to hear and preserve the living voices of participants, and to document the media history of protests in Ukraine. All interested parties are invited to join us.

Our initiative comprises two parts:

"Voices of Resistance and Hope," which documents the participants of the "Euromaidan," their attitudes, motivations, expectations, and assessments through interview.

We wish to hear the living voices of participants, and document important events in Ukraine’s history through their individual perspectives and stories. In the first half of December, the Center for Urban History will hold in-depth interviews with participants and leaders of protest events in Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv. Personal stories, emotions and moods of the makers of events that will become memories tomorrow, will allow us to regard the "Euromaidan" from the micro-perspective of experiencing a historic moment.

"History in the Making," a media history project.

One part of the protests and rallies is the dissemination of information through new media and social platforms. Although television continues in its traditional role as source of information for many for many, current developments are unimaginable without the online channel, as well as videos filmed by participants of protests who document events and relevant processes in various cities of Ukraine through various media. Photographs, videos and audiovisual materials pop up on internet sites and social networks, creating visual images, but also co-creating reality. Amateur video and materials from the internet end up in more traditional media. The line between mainstream and alternative information sources becomes blurred and requires clarification.

We ask that you submit (or physically bring) video recordings and photographs with authorship and production details. These documents with metadata (details pertaining to place, time, authorship, technical aspects of filming) will become priceless sources for writing the history of Ukrainian cities in the future. Your materials will be kept at the Archive of the Center for Urban History, and will only be used with consent of their authors for educational and research purposes.

"Voices of Resistance and Hope" is headed by Anna Susak and Natalia Otrischenko

"History in the Making" is headed by Bohdan Shumylovych

If you wish to share your story of participating in "Euromaidans," or your photographic and video materials, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at +38032-2751734

We are also seeking volunteers to help us transcribe interview and work with audio recordings – please inquire!