Book on Sykhiv

Book on Sykhiv

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May 30, 2018 / 5.00 pm

In May 2018, the Center’s publishing series will be complemented with a new book. We will present the volume of final essays by participants of the summer school "Sykhiv: Spaces, Memories, Practices."Presentation of the publication will take place during the "Book Arsenal".The collection of essays will be granted to libraries and other cultural and educational centers.

The majority of present-day Lviv residents lives in the environment built in the second half of the 20th century. However, the images of prefabricated panel-type buildings can be rarely found in the guidebooks or in promotion materials. Home to huge numbers of citizens, this space is perceived as a grey background of mundane everyday life. The collection of essays on the largest and the last centrally planned Lviv mass housing area aims to launch a broader discussion on the future of modernist districts and the role of education programs as tools for their transformation.

The book "Sykhiv: Spaces, Memories, Practices" resulted from the two-week research conducted during the summer school on planned urbanity run by the Center for Urban History. The authors tried to cover a number of different aspects of life in Sykhiv: its development due to migration of people and flows of capitals, changes in symbolic landscape, transformation of the role of water resources, childhood memories, practices of gardening, leisure, consumption and sports. Hence, the book offers a stigma-free view on modernist estates through the lens of human experience.

The collection was edited by Natalia Otrishchenko, whereas the texts were prepared by school’s participants and the team of tutors – Natalia Mysak, Iryna Sklokina, and Svitlana Odynets. We hope our efforts would inspire more careful attitudes to the space we live in, and also help to generate new ideas and active engagement into the process of transformation and renewal of our cities.


Сover Image: Iryna Sereda