Oleksandr Makhanets

Oleksandr Makhanets

historian, assistant project manager for the Urban Media Archive (2015-2019), head of the Urban Media Archive (2020 - present)

In 2014 Oleksandr Makhanets obtained his Master’s in History at the Ukrainian Catholic University. His Master’s Thesis was entitled: "The Historic Topography and Sociotopography of Ternopil in the Second Half of the 17th Century-and First Quarter of the 18th Century." In 2014-2015 he studied at the University of Warsaw.

He was a member of the translation team which published Lucian’s "How to Write History" in Ukrainian.

His academic interests include the history of cities, urban geography, digital humanism, social history, classical languages, anthropology, and documentary photography.

He is the coordinator of Urban Media Archive and his focus is on developing the project, completing, publishing and preserving collections related to cities of Central-Eastern Europe.