Dr. Iryna Sklokina

Dr. Iryna Sklokina

historian, researcher (2015 – present)

Historian, Ph.D. (2014). Dissertation about the official Soviet policy of memory of the Nazi occupation of Ukraine using the example of Kharkiv. Graduated from V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (major in history of Ukraine). Holds a master’s degree in History (2008). Worked at Kharkiv National University and the Kovalsky Eastern Institute of Ukrainian Studies (Kharkiv). A member of the Kharkiv Historical and Philological Society. Participant of several international projects about historical memory and oral history, including "Region, Nation and Beyond: An Interdisciplinary and Transcultural Reconceptualization of Ukraine" (research sub-topic "Political Death Cult of the Fallen Soldiers in Ukraine in the Past 20 years ")and "OpenHeritage (Organizing, Promoting and Enabling Heritage Re-Use Through Inclusion, Technology, Access, Governance and Empowerment)". Internship at the University of Toronto (Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies). At the Center for Urban History Iryna Sklokina researches historical heritage, in particular industrial and Soviet heritage in Kharkiv and Lviv.

Research interests: Soviet and post-Soviet politics of memory, historical heritage, museum studies, oral history.

Selected publications:

Books (co-editor, co-author)

  • Праця, виснаження та успіх: промислові мономіста Донбасу [Labor, Exhaustion, and Success: Company Towns of the Donbas] / М. Ільченко та ін.; за ред. В. Кулікова та І. Склокіної. Львів, 2018. 244 с. (co-editor, co-author)
  • Політика і пам’ять: Дніпро – Запоріжжя – Одеса – Харків від 1990-х до сьогодні [Politics and Memory: Dnipro – Zaporizhzhia – Odesa – Kharkiv from 1990s till Today]/ О. Гайдай та ін.; за ред. Г. Касьянова. Львів, 2018. 240 с. (co-editor, co-author)


  • · Trials of Nazi Collaborators in the context of Soviet Propaganda. Nationality Policy and the Cold War (1960-the 80s), in: Peter Black/Béla Rásky/Marianne Windsperger (ed.), Collaboration in Eastern Europe during the Second World War and the Holocaust. Vienna, 2019 (=Beiträge zur Holocaustforschung des Wiener Wiesenthal Instituts für Holocaust-Studien (VWI), Band 7), pp. 67-86
  • Otrishchenko, Natalya, and Iryna Sklokina et al. (2019). Slavutych: Urban Practices, Memories and Imagination. Research Report of the Studio at the summer school "the Idea of the city: Reality Check", in: Zeitschrift für Ostmitteleuropaforschung 3 (68):477-499
  • André Liebich, Oksana Myshlovska, and Viktoriia Sereda, with Oleksandra Gaidai and Iryna Sklokina. Ukrainian Past and Present: Legacies, Memory, and Attitudes, in: Schmid U., Myshlovska O., Scheide C. (eds), Regionalism without Regions: Reconceptualizing Ukraine’s Heterogeneity. Budapest: CEU Press, 2019
  • Хто отримує вигоду від спадщини? Кілька головних ідей Форуму поінформованих міст у Варшаві [Who Profits from Heritage, review of the Informed Cities Forum 2019 in Warsaw], (13 December, 2019)
  • Commemorating the Glorious Past, Dreaming of the Happy Future. WWII Burial Places and Monuments as Public Places in the Postwar Ukraine, in: The Political Cult of the Dead in Ukraine. Traditions and Dimensions from Soviet Times to Today / Ed. by Guido Hausmann. V & R Unipress Göttingen (to be published in 2020)
  • Traveling in Soviet Ukraine: The Making of the National Memory Canon Through Heritage Tourism Practices, in: Heritage and Socialism: Transnational Perspectives on Preservation in Eastern and Central Europe, 1945-1991 / Ed. by Eszter Gantner, Corinne Geering, and Paul Vickers. To be published by Berghahn Books in 2020
  • Вшанування Небесної сотні та загиблих в АТО на сході та півдні України [Commemoration of the Heavenly Hundred and Fallen ATO Soldiers in the East and South of Ukraine], http://www.historians.in.ua/index.php/en/istoriya-i-pamyat-vazhki-pitannya/2545-irina-sklokina-vshanuvannya-nebesnoji-sotni-ta-zagiblikh-v-ato-na-skhodi-ta-pivdni-ukrajini?fbclid=iwar28fs-a4qaewbyp4vai4sopct-0dn5cf1gf8bqdm_-q2fsnj2szni7clna
  • Veterans of the Soviet War in Afghanistan and the Ukrainian Nation-Building Project: from Perestroika to the Maidan and the War in the Donbas, in Journal of Soviet and Postsoviet Politics and Society, 2015: Double Special issue "Coming Back from Afghanistan: The Experiences of the Soviet Afghanistan Veterans" & "Martyrdom and Memory in Eastern Europe", Vol. 1, Number 2. Pp. 133-167
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