Olha Korniienko

Olha Korniienko

Vasyl Karazin Kharkiv National University

  • Research topic:
    Fashion in the Ukrainian SSR 1956-1991
    May, November 2018
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Olha Korniyenko, a post-graduate student from V.Karazin Kharkiv National University, Department of Ukrainian Studies, Faculty of Philosophy. Currently, Olha works on her thesis "Fashion in the Ukrainian SSR: Public Policy and Everyday Life (1956-1985)." She explores public policy in the field of fashion and its representations in everyday life, with account for ideological aspects of shaping attitudes towards fashion in Ukrainian SSR in 1956-1985.

In addition, Olha is member of an international association "History and Computer"; she studied historical informatics in M.Lomonosov Moscow State University, and is member of the team of the Museum of the History of Fashion of Ukraine in Kyiv. Her research focus is on the history of fashion, visual history, oral history, social history, history of everyday life, historical informatics (quantitative methods in historical research).

As part of her cooperation with the "Lviv Interactive" project in Lviv, Olha will primarily research Lviv House of Fashion Designs, the largest clothing factories ("Vesna", "Mayak") and a shoe factory ("Progres"). Moreover, she plans to conduct interviews with the Soviet period fashion designers, workers of light industry, representatives of the subcultures of the period (style hunters, hipsters) and common citizens who used to live in the 1950-1980s and followed the trends.