Kamil Ruszała

Kamil Ruszała

Jagiellonian University, Poland

  • Research topic:
    Galicia and Bukovina Refugees in the World War I and Their Situation in a New Urban Space of Moravia, Czech Republic and Austria.
    February-March 2017
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Kamil Ruszała is Ph.D. Candidate at Institute of History at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Department of Polish Modern History. He graduated in History in 2014; he was studying at Jagiellonian University in Kraków and University of Vienna. In this academic year (2016/2017) he held a scholarship Ministry of High Education and Science in Poland for Doctoral Candidates. He concentrates on XIX-century history, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, especially the society of the late Empire and the First World War. In this ground, he works on civil-military relations in East Front (especially formed Galicia province), war refugees, experience of war, social reaction to collapse the Empire in 1918 etc.

He is the author of a book "Wielka Wojna w małym mieście. Gorlice w latach 1914-1918" ("The Great War in a small town. Gorlice in the year 1914-1918"), published in 2015. His last book is "Doświadczenia żołnierskie Wielkiej Wojny" (as a co-editor of the volume together with Michał Baczkowski) published in 2016.

During his researching stay in Centre for Urban History in Lviv, Kamil Ruszała was expanding his dissertation project to include the evacuation of the inhabitants of East Galicia in 1914, especially Lviv, the social situation in the city and region at the beginning of the First World War and further situation of Galician refugees in Austria, Moravia, Czech, Krain etc. (cities, towns, villages and refugee camps). He used sources gathered in Central Historical State Archive in Lviv, State Archive of Lviv Province and sources of Lviv's Libraries (Centre for Urban History, Stefanyk Library and Iwan Franko university Library).