How to talk to children about war

How to talk to children about war

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February 3, 2016 / 6.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The informational space, which surrounds children, is full of complex concepts, which raise many questions that often we, adults, do not have answers to. Children do not live in a vacuum; they receive information on a daily basis from various media sources, social networks, or from the street. It becomes necessary to find a simple way to talk about difficult things, so they can understand and not become traumatized.

We didn't not promise to answer all the questions; instead we wanted to create a common space for discussing and sharing personal experiences.

Together we explored the answers to the question: Can we talk to children about anything? From what age can we talk to children about conflict and war? How can we talk to children about catastrophe, violence and death. How can children's anxiety be turned into a state of protection? Who is the enemy and does he have a human face? Who is a hero and can he become the villain? What is the value of human life? Why isn't it worth glorifying war in the eyes of children?

We were assisted by literature which has been selected on these topics and which might be useful during a conversation with children about conflicts, war, and traumatic experiences.

The meeting was in the format of a discussion and was aimed at pedagogues, parents and all who are close to this topic.

Khrystyna Boyko

Coordinator of children’s educational programs

Meeting is a part of the series of events in support of the exhibition "The Great War 1914 - ... Individual and Global Experience".