Creative Workshops

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The Center of Urban History of Central East Europe invited the public to an interactive discussion of questions affecting the public sphere. The discussions took place in conjunction with the "Urban Workshop" project, with the support of the "Municipal Development and Renewal of Lviv’s ‘Old Town’" project.

These gatherings were comprised of a series of workshops in which children and teens take part in directed play to gain perspective of the public space. The classic board game "MONOPOLY" was used to great effect, employing clear, simple models to illustrate the stages and methods of the formation of the public space.

Games afford great opportunities for communication, for exercises in logical and strategic thinking, and for practice in the arts of negotiation and persuasion. The process of social interaction is was modeled during play, and participants often acquired a new understanding and a more conscious grasp of the public sphere. The objective of the game was the organization – in the best way possible – of the public space in Lviv’s neighborhoods. Ever-present risks and unexpected turns of events made the game consistently interesting and impossible to predict. Combining fun and serious thought, children were busy with the question of how to join forces with others in order to re-fashion Lviv into a more democratic and free zone. We’re dedicated to making our city user-friendly for all its residents.;

Workshops for children were held from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm every Saturday during the month of June.Workshops for teens were held on weekdays. To take part in the program, contact project coordinator Christina Boyko telephone: 097-209-9267 Email: [email protected]. Participation in the program is free.