Watersheds of Secularization

Watersheds of Secularization

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September 11, 2015 / 2.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

At the Forum of Publishers in Lviv will be a presentation of the book Watersheds of Secularization – a monograph by Ukrainian philosophers and religious scholars, experts of the Ukrainian Institute of Strategies of Global Development and Adaptation.

The book looks at modern theories of secularization: post-secularization, contra-secularization, the theory of rational choice, and so on. The authors offer their own interpretation of the rise of secular society, as a result of the unique rationalization of medieval Latin Christianity. Today's global crises are interpreted as a result of a competitive confrontation of the worlds of primary and secondary secularization, each of which offers its own global development projects. The authors also consider the various options of collision of the secular Modernist project and its religiously motivated alternatives, including the "Russian World" that resulted in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

The book "Watersheds of Secularization" is addressed to specialists in philosophy, religious studies, and social theory. It will be interesting to those interested in the history of culture and its humanitarian dimension.

Speakers at the presentation:

Oleksandr Bilokobylsky, head of the Kyiv branch of the Ukrainian Institute of Strategies of Global Development and Adaptation (UISGDA)
Ruslan Khalikv, expert at UISGDA
Volodymyr Hurzhy, expert at UISGDA
Ksenia Hurzhy, expert at UISGDA.

More information about the event: [email protected], +38 (044) 489-87-43