Summer Schools in Odessa

Summer Schools in Odessa

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September 27, 2018 / 7.00  pm

4City, 27/1 Kanatnta Street, Odessa

Our friends and colleagues from Odessa are invited to the presentation of urban summer schools and the collection of essays "Sykhiv: Spaces, Memories, Practices."

Center for Urban History launched a program of summer schools "Imagined and Experienced" in 2015. Over this time, we developed a concept for the Master Plan of the Novyi Lviv neighbourhood, searched for a new idea for Slavutych town, and experienced everyday practices in Sykhiv. Moreover, on September, 9, we came back from Poland where we had a project in partnership with the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies. Within the project, we first tried our model in the districts designed by Oscar and Sofia Hansen in line with the "Open Form" concept. Hence, our schools combine interdisciplinary approaches with the participatory educational design, field research in the real urban space, and the need to "return" the knowledge to those who joined the research and were targeted by the research. During the talk, Natalia Otrishchenko will share her experience of organizing summer schools. She will tell about the development of education initiative and its continuous adaptation to new contexts, as well as about challenges and opportunities of this format.

The event also incorporates a presentation of the collection of essays "Sykhiv: Spaces, Memories, Practices," the outcome of the two-week-long study of the residential neighbourhood of Lviv conducted by students and lecturers during the urban summer school in 2017. The book is available for free distribution to libraries and cultural educational centers. For individual use, you can buy the book after the talk. English version of the book will soon be available on the website of the Center for Urban History.