SOUND iD *heritage of Volodymyr Perzhylo

SOUND iD *heritage of Volodymyr Perzhylo

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August 20, 2019 / 6.30 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The SOUND iD project offers a multifaceted perspective on cultural heritage, the experience of forced displacement, collective memory, and national identity, while working with the sound. The team aims at motivating the implementation of modern technologies in the area of culture that would help preserve important historical artefacts; make history alive, interesting, and clear to understand; facilitate the development of history in Ukraine; and develop due attitude to the past through offering a historically significant status to private

Within the SOUND iD project, it was created an open online mediaarchive of Ukraine folklore collected within Ukraine, Poland, Russia (Zhovtyi Klyn) that includes audio and video recordings inaccessible before.

Volodymyr Perzhylo (1939-2018) was a singer, a composer, a conductor, ethnographer, and folk lore expert, a priest. He was born in the town of Oleshychi,  Lubachiv district, Rzesow region (Poland). As a 9-year-old, in 1946, after the "Operation Vistula," Volodymyr and his family were deported to the Soviet Ukraine and settled down in the village of Mali Lanky of Peremyshliany district. He dedicated his life to research and preservation of Ukrainian national lifestyle and folk lore.

Another part of the project is the residency that brings together curators, artists, and researchers from 4 countries such as Belarus, Slovakia, Poland, and Ukraine. They include
artists and researchers interested in implementing projects at the intersection of new media art and promotion of cultural heritage.

At the presentation, curators and residents will share their experience of implementing the project and talk about current approaches to address archive materials and records.

You can follow the
news of the project on the website and on  Facebook.

The SOUND iD project is implemented by an interdisciplinary center Dream Projects as supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Project partners:

  • National Center for Folk Culture "Ivan Honchar Museum"
  • Association Culture and Creativity
  • Congress of Activists of Culture
  • Adam Mickiewicz Institute
  • Center for Urban History
  • "Suputnyk" Culture and Art Center at Levandivka
  • Center for Youth "New Orbits"
  • Media agency "UniversalMediaGroup"


Сover Image: SOUND iD