Sketches from the History of Drohobych

Sketches from the History of Drohobych

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January 28, 2010 / 6.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Center for Urban History of East Central Europe presented a new book titled Sketches from the History of Drohobych (From Ancient Times to the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century (Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University of Drohobych, History Department / Scientific Editor L. Tymoshenko. – Drohobych: Kolo, 2009. – p. 320, Illustrated). The presentation took place in the center’s conference hall.

The authors of the edition are: Professor Iaroslav Isaievych, Doctor of Historic Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Professor Mykhailo Kril, Doctor of Historic Sciences; Professor Leonid Tymoshenko, Candidate of Historic Sciences; Assistant Professors and Candidates of Historic Sciences Svitlana Bila, Andriy Petryk, Ruslana Popp, Mykhailo Senkiv, Iuriy Stetsyk and Vitaliy Telvak; Mykola Haliv, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences; and ethnographer Roman Pastukh.

Having filled in significant gaps in the history of Drohobych, one of Galicia’s largest cities, the authors intended to show its past not as legendary, but one that could be studied based on historic sources, bold hypotheses and without any ideological influences. The edition is illustrated with rich archeological, cartographical, heraldic, photographic and other materials which colorfully compliment and present the city’s history over various centuries.

The book’s concept was presented by its scientific editor and author Leonid Tymoshenko.  The authors and critics of the Sketches from the History of Drohobych participated in the presentation, in particular Leontiy Voytovych, Doctor of Historic Sciences, and Andriy Feloniuk, Candidate of Historic Sciences.  A wide-ranging discussion with the participation of the following scholars and urban specialists took place: Mariana Dolynska, Doctor of Historic Sciences; Myron Kapral, Doctor of Historic Sciences; Leonid Zashkilniak, Doctor of Historic Sciences; Andriy Hrechylo, Candidate of Historic Sciences; Ihor Skochylias, Candidate of Historic Sciences; Vasyl Petryk, Candidate of Architecture; Iuriy Lukomskyy, Candidate of Historic Sciences; as well as specialists from the Center for Urban History.