Presentation of Larry Wolff’s Book

Presentation of Larry Wolff’s Book "The Idea of Galicia. History and Fantasy in Habsburg Political Culture"

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March 7, 2013 

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Center  hosted a presentation of Larry Wolff’s "The Idea of Galicia. History and Fantasy in Habsburg Political Culture"(Stanford, 2010). The presentation brought together Yaroslav Hrytsak, Roman Holyk, Leonid Zashkilniak, Ostap Sereda, Ihor Chornovol, Maciej Janowski, as well as the Author.

Larry Wolff’s latest work – dedicated to the intellectual history of the idea of the Hapsburg province of Galicia (formed in 1772) as a separate, cohesive space within the Danube Empire, and its cultural construction, was published in 2010 by Stanford University Press. There is no doubt that "The Idea of Galicia" will become required reading for all interested in the history of this Hapsburg province in the "long nineteenth century," particularly because it radically changes the thinking of how to write about it.

The presentation was part of the Third Academician Ya. D. Isayevych Academic Lectures.

Larry Wolff 

is Professor of History and Director at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies at New York University. He is one of the most renowned contemporary American scholars of East European history and culture. A number of Wolff’s works have formed the historians’ conceptions of the creation of mental maps in Enlightenment-era Europe, the connection between the political and cultural processes in early modern Italy and Poland. In 2009, the Kyiv-based “Krytyka” publishing house published a Ukrainian translation of his best-known book, “Inventing Eastern Europe: The Map of Civilization on the Mind of the Enlightenment.”