Book presentation

Book presentation "MARK. Ukrainian Trade Marks 1960–1980" by U,N,A team

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October 31, 2019 / 6.30 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The study by U,N,team is about the history of Ukrainian graphic design, such as the area of corporate identity of the periods of thawstagnation and perestroika. The book combines two narratives – visual and textual. They disclose the selected topic in a broader chronological perspective: from the avant-garde of the early 20th century to these days. In fact, the material must include visuals and comments. The book rather focuses on the Kharkiv school of industrial graphics and the legacy of Volodymyr Pobedin. It presents archival materials, lists the names, and describes the processes and impacts in the graphic design of Ukraine, in local and global contexts.

This phenomenon in graphic design of Ukraine and the research procedures will be the topic for discussion with the book authors, members of the U,N,teamUliana Bychenkova, Nika Kudinova, Alyona Solomadina.

Filling an online form allows to get a copy of the book free of charge, on the basis of your responses, professional qualification, and motivation.

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The number of books is limited, so do not delay.

U,N,Ateam (Uliana Bychenkova, Nika Kudinova, Alyona Solomadina) is an association with the focus on research and curator practices in graphic design.

IST Publishing an independent Ukrainian small press specializing in books on modern culture and art. The focus of their activities is on publishing research essays on Ukrainian art, with their further translation into other languages. Another component of the IST Publishing is translation into Ukrainian of fundamental texts on theory and history of art, philosophy of art, sociology of culture by leading international researchers. Artbooks is another special focus of the editorial team.

The project is implemented under NORD: Training, Exchange, Residencies, Debuts – UCF program and in partnership with IST Publishing

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