Home Movie Day

Home Movie Day

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6.11.2020, 17:00

Kopernik Cinema, 9 Kopernika Street, Lviv

Welcome to an open screening dedicated to Home Movie Day. We shall watch this year's findings of the Urban Media Archive and talk about the authors and characters of home movies.

This year program has broad geography – it is going to be a trip from the Carpathians to Luhansk. We shall learn where Lviv citizens travelled, what they filmed with their cameras, and also how Lviv was seen through the eyes of visitors from other places. In addition, we shall watch several rediscovered amateur films. In particular, the films by Orest Bachmaha that received a new soundtrack this year composed by musicians Regina Zhelezniakova (Regina Collage) and Pavlo Olefirenko (Pilikayu).

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International Home Movie Day

Celebration of amateur films and movies running every October in many places all over. Events on this day help individuals and families see and share their own home movies, see their neighbours, etc. It is a chance to learn why these films should be taken care of, and how to treat them best.