Film screening of the film by Volodymyr Shevchenko and video art by Oleh Voronko

Film screening of the film by Volodymyr Shevchenko and video art by Oleh Voronko

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October 12, 2017 / 4.30 pm

Kopernyk Movie Theatre, 9 Kopernyka Str.

The International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art hosts a screening of films from Urban Media Archive. The film by Volodymyr Shevchenko "The Good Day of Lviv " (1969), as a late attempt of the genre of urban cine-symphonies, will be shown together with an experimental video art by Oleh Voronko "Time forward, two times back" compiled on the basis of Urban Media Archive videos.

"The Good Day of Lviv" (1969) is a film made to be shown to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Western Ukrainian lands joining the USSR. The propaganda goal of glorifying labour and socialism was reached with the help of romantic images. Volodymyr Shevchenko made a film about Lviv in line with the avant-garde tradition of urban cine-symphonies. A day from the life of the city was presented through the classic technique of showing work and leisure. Detail shots and close-ups of faces, hands, and machinery in factories are combined in the film with the long shots of streets and public spaces. The visual row is accompanied with the poetry by Roman Lubkivskyi, and improvised jazz pieces by a young musician and composer Mykhaylo Manuliak.

The bright colorful images of the film will go in contrast to the video art by a media artist Oleh Voronko. "Time forward, two times back" is the author’s vision of the topics on constructing a socialist city. It is made on the basis of archive video materials processed by the Urban Media Archive, such as the newsreels from the The Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi and the 1950-1960s TV news of Lviv television stored in the State Archive of Lviv region, as well as recordings from private archives. The basis for the audio part was a well-known suite by Georgiy Sviridov "Time, forward!", as adapted by the author.

Detailed information about the event and program of the festival is available at Wiz-Art’s webpage.

Wiz-Art is an annual International Short Film Festival, which takes place in Lviv, Ukraine at the end of July. The festival was started by art formation Wiz-Art, which was founded in 2008. The festival shows more than 100 brand new short movies every year. Wiz-Art – is a powerful cultural and educational platform that unites Ukrainian and foreign filmmakers and introduces them to the Ukrainian audience experienced professionals.