Company Towns of the Donbas

Company Towns of the Donbas

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September 20, 2018 / 5.30 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Welcome to the book presentation "LABOUR, EXHAUSTION, AND SUCCESS: company towns of the Donbas". The event is part of the Publisher’s Forum in Lviv.

We shall talk with Iryna Sklokina, a co-editor of the book, about the stereotypical stories of the Donbas and its photo images, about everyday life and the development of urban space, and also about the peculiarities of relations between people in the towns founded around manufacturing facilities.

The book "LABOUR, EXHAUSTION, AND SUCCESS: company towns of the Donbas" (Lviv, 2018) edited by Volodymyr Kulikov and Iryna Sklokina) is an attempt to represent the history of Donbas of the XIX-XXth centuries through the lens of life of local citizens and founders of industrial company towns. It was hard work of workers, managers, and businessmen that led to success. However, success also comes at a price – it is the exhaustion of human and natural resources. The book tells about who the residents of the company towns were, what were their daily routines, work, and leisure time; how the relations were developing between people and different social groups.