Plan of Lemberg

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Map ID: 221
Original Title: Plan von Lemberg
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1878
Scale: 1:10 800
Map Size: 51x34 cm
Publisher: "Artaria & Cо". Vienna
Source: NB LNU I.Franka, 82657 I
Copyright: Science Library of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (NB LNU I.Franko). Lviv
Plan of Lemberg from 1878 published by Artaria and Co in Vienna
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  • In the upper margin is the name: “Map of Lemberg” (Plan von Lemberg).
  • In the upper right corner are the symbols (Zeichenerklärung) used in the map and the graphic depiction of the map’s scale as well as its verbal explanation: “Scale: 400 Viennese klafters; Viennese inch equals 150 Viennese klafters” (Maasstab von 400 Wiener Klafter der Wiener Zoll gleich 150 Wiener Klafter).
  • Beneath that is a list of the 34 objects identified on the map.
  • In the lower right corner is information about the publisher: “Published and Copyrighted by Artaria and Co. in Vienna” (Verlag und Eigenthum von Artaria & Cо. in Wien).
  • In the lower section of the map there is a white break with the inscription: “Russian Empire” (Russisches – Kaiserreich).
  • In the lower margin is a graphic scale for the border territories (Zeichnungs Verhältnils 1:115 200 Maastab 1 öst Meile gleich 2½ Wiener Zoll 1 Centimeter = 115 kilometer).
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