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Map ID: 142
Original Title: Jarosław
Localization: Jaroslaw
Year: 1906
Scale: 1:14 400
Publisher: Cartographic Establishment G. Freytag & Berndt. Vienna
Source: Courtesy of the Austrian War Archive, GIh 260-65
Copyright: Austrian War Archive (Kriegsarchiv). Vienna
Map of the City of Jaroslaw drawn and published by engineer S. Kornman in 1906 and printed at Cartographic Establishment G. Freytag and Berndt in Vienna
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  • The upper central part of the sheet holds the city coat of arms, the city’s name: “Jarosław”, and the scale (Skala 1:14 400) with the scale bar, and information on the author and publication year: “Drawn by S. Kornman, engineer. 1906” (Wykonał Inżynier S. Kornman. 1906).
  • Below this is statistical information on area, number of residents, and number of buildings in Jaroslaw: 2 690 hectares, 55 ares, 22 660 residents, 12 231 Roman Catholic, 4 457 Greek Catholic, 5 705 Jews, 242 Evangelicals, 24 Greek Armenian. 1 640 residential buildings. (Jarosław. 2690 hekt., 55 arów, 22.660 mieszkańców. 12.231 rz.kat.; 4457 gr. kat., 5705 izr., 242 ewang., 24 gr. orj. Domów mieszk. 1640).
  • The upper part of the sheet holds information on another map drawn by this map’s author: “Map of Galicia and Bukovina with Powiat Lines by S. Kornman, Engineer. Available in Bookstores” (Inż. S.Kornmana Mapa Galicyi i Bukowiny z podziałem na powiaty kolorowany. Do nabycia w księgarniach).
  • The right side of the sheet holds an inset map of the Jaroslaw District (Powiat Jarosławski. Skala 1:300.000 wykonał Inżynier S. Kornman. 1906).
  • The lower part of the map contains information on city districts, and a list of 26 objects marked on the map. (Dzielnica miasta).
  • The lower left part bears a note to the effect that publication of the map was funded by the author (Nakładem Authora).
  • The lower right side contains information on printing location: “G. Freytag & Berndt’s Cartographical Press in Vienna” (Z zakładu kartograficznego G. Freytaga & Berndta w Wiedniu).
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