Sports and the City

Sports and the City

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We are pleased to announce that the exhibition "Sport and the City: People. Society. Ideology" will now be on permanent display at the Lviv State University of Physical Culture.

The exhibition shows the history of sports in Ukraine over the last 150 years: what were the origins of sport in Europe and in Ukraine in particular, how have ideas about sports changed, how did new types of sports emerge, what was the relationship between sport and nationalism, sport and the state, sport and commerce, sport and globalization. Of particular interest in the context of Euro 2012 is fan culture and the potential sporting events has for the city. This exhibition offered a deeper understanding of practices related to sports and helped bring light to the question "What was and is sports?"

The exhibition was on display at the Center for Urban History in 2012. Starting at the end of October it will be a permanent exhibition of the Olympic Education Department and will be integrated into the curriculum of the university.

We want to thank in particular Andrii Linik, Oleksandr and Oleh Koshovsky, Ihor Dobriansky, Yaroslav Tymchak.