New collection

New collection

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Collections of photos of the Urban Media Archive received a new set. The materials digitalized in the Local History Museum of Slavutych and Chornobyl NPP on the life and construction of Pripyat are now available online.

The bulk of the collection is about photos coming from the specially assembled photo albums telling about the construction of the city and the nuclear power plant, about the infrastructure and the life therein. The materials cover the period from 1970 (the start of construction of Pripyat) to 1986 (the disaster and the tragic consequences at the Chornobyl NPP).

You can see the full collection of Pripyat photographs at the link. In addition, the project website of "Urban Images" offers a theme-based gallery "The Stores of Pripyat".

Welcome to see the collection of photographs on the construction of Slavutych.

The photographs were processed within the expedition trip of the Urban Media Archive to Slavutych


Сover Image: Building Prypyat', 1975. Lokal History Museum of Slavutych and Chornobyl NPP / Urban media archive