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Photo Archive

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The website of the Hungarian Fortepan project features thousands of open access photographs of 20th century Central and Eastern Europe.

The Fortepan archive is based on digitized materials from private and institutional collections. Most images represent 20th century Hungarian life, but the archive also contains quite a wide selection of photos from all over Ukraine – Uzhhorod, Mukacheve, Rakhiv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and the Crimea. WWI and WWII photographs are well represented and of particular interest, for example images bearing poignant testimony to the life of soldiers in the trenches or showing the scale of destruction of infrastructure and cities.

The Fortepan archive relies on volunteer work and currently contains over 60,000 photos. All the images carry a Creative Commons license and are available for free public download in high resolution.


Сover Image: Fortepan