Home Movie Days 2023

Home Movie Days 2023

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October 26-27 2023

On the occasion of the International Home Movie Day, the Urban Media Archive will host traditional screenings of amateur films! The Home Movie Day at the Center for Urban History and the Urban Media Archive's film digitization program is an opportunity to revisit the recent past on moving images, to take care of their preservation, and to share our own stories.

On October 26, at 18:30, there will be a screening of films by Ivan Kulytskyi (1923-2015). His films are a game in which the author involved his daughters, his wife and his whole family. He turned the medium of cinema into a creative process that brought his family together. This game included not only filming and distributing roles among the participants, but also writing scripts, creating hand-drawn animation, and even signing contracts with relatives to film. Myroslava Kryvdyk, the author's daughter and a participant in his films, will join the conversation.

On October 27, at 18:00, we invite you to watch this year's findings of the Urban Media Archive together, as well as to talk to the authors and participants of the films. The practice of making home movies became especially popular in the 1960s, when portable amateur film cameras that allowed shooting on narrow film (8 mm, Super 8, 16 mm) became widely available. Thanks to this technology, many people who had no professional background in cinematography started making their own films.

Home Movies Day

It is a celebration of amateur videos and movies marked every October in many places in the world. The activities on the day enable individuals and families watching and sharing their home movies, seeing their neighbours, etc. It is a chance to learn why the movies should be taken care of and how one shall be doing it.



Cover Image: Graphics by Liudmyla Sushchenia