Home Movie Day 2023

Home Movie Day 2023

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27.10.2023; 18:00

Conference Room of the Center for Urban History

We invite you to the screening on the occasion of the International Home Movie Day to share and view this year's findings of the Urban Media Archive, as well as to talk to the authors and participants of the films.

Every year in October, many countries and institutions celebrate home movies to draw attention to this partially forgotten genre and to emphasize the importance of preserving private film archives. The practice of making home movies became especially popular in the 1960s when portable amateur film cameras that allowed shooting on narrow film (8mm, Super8, 16mm) became widely available. Thanks to this technology, many people, who had no professional background in cinematography, started making their own films. Whether it was for private use, to capture important moments in life, or for entertainment, or creative experimentation. Today, analogue film technology is virtually obsolete, amateur equipment is out of order, and long-unseen films from the past are gathering dust in the corners of homes.

The Home Movie Day at the Center for Urban History and the Urban Media Archive's film digitization program is an opportunity to revisit the recent past on moving images, take care of their preservation, and share our own stories.

This year, the Home Movie Day at the Center for Urban History will be accompanied by another event. On Thursday, October 26, there will be a screening of Ivan Kulytskyi's amateur movies.

International Home Movie Day

It is a celebration of amateur films and cinema that is held annually in October around the world. Events on this day give individuals and families the opportunity to see and share their own home movies, see their neighbors, etc. It’s a chance to learn why you should care about these films and how best to take care of them.


Cover Image: Graphics by Liudmyla Sushchenia

Gallery: Olya Klumyk