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Fresh Look

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With the support of Lviv Film Commission of Lviv City Council and the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe there was a contest for making films on the basis of video materials of the Urban Media Archive - "Fresh." The winners will be awarded with funding for implementation of their own projects.

The competition received 11 applications from Lviv, Kyiv, and Odessa. Upon evaluation on the 10-score basis and the discussions, expert commission selected two projects. Read more details about the competition results at the webpage of Lviv Film Commission.

About winners:

No Title Project.

Authors: Oleksnadr Teliuk, Stas Menzelevskyi, Anna Onufriyenko.

Excerpt from the concept note: "Television changed the world. However, do we truly realize the scale of the metamorphosis? How did technological revolution impact the change of social institutions and forms of social interaction? What was the effect of this invention on our perception of reality, motor skills and ways of thinking? How did correlation between private and public life change?

The audiovisual study will make a brief overview of the links between the production of first TV sets in Lviv and the way early days television shaped the subject of leisure time of a new type, excitingly informed and physically passive at the same time – a person in front of a screen we cannot still identify ourselves with. A form of the research results will be a film assembled of the fragments of film and TV archival footage with the specially designed audio comments. This kind of modern form would allow considering the film in scholarly, educational, and artistic contexts."

Project "Squares" (working title)

Authors: Svitlana Shymko, Halyna Yarmanova

Excerpt from the concept note: "Since the topic of our video research is the construction of a family in the USSR, we shall mostly work with private collections of home videos available in the Urban Media Archive. Weddings, family celebrations, videos of children, maternity wards, family leisure time, videos of everyday life – this is the principal video materials for the project. In addition, we are interested in searching for materials in other categories of the archive (TV news, documentaries, etc.) related to guidelines and practices for raising a "healthy" model Soviet family. In addition to using archival footages directly related to family life, an important part of the project is search for symbolic analogues for discipline and normalization in Soviet society."

Fresh Look is aimed at activating the search for fresh interpretations and unique perspectives on the past and present events. Your projects can be dedicated to well-known historical events as well as to the stories of individual people, families, items, and household elements or you can recount your own story. There are two mandatory elements – location (Lviv, Western Ukraine) and the use of UMA video materials.

The purpose of FreshLook is to actualize and rethink the audiovisual heritage of the past through modern artistic techniques and fresh perspectives. The project targets researchers, video artists, and university students from throughout Ukraine who have experience of creating audiovisual pieces and will be able to substantiate the topicality and value of their projects.