CrossCulture Scholar

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July - August 2017

Center for Urban History, under the two-months long scholarship of the "CrossCulture: Eastern Europe and Russia", the Program of the Institute of International Relations, hosts Marta Kurek from Weimar (Germany). In addition to professional enhancement of the young staff during the international exchange, the goal of the CrossCulture program is to consolidate the cooperation network between Germany and Eastern Partnership countries.

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Marta Kurek

was born in Poland but has lived for decades in Germany, where she has worked as a freelancer in the field of managing educational projects and monitoring quality of the EU exchange projects, particularly in Eastern Europe. She was commissioned by the Center of Civic Education of Thuringia (Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Thüringen), she has been freelancing with for 10 years.

Marta Kurek’s stay in Lviv was connected to the scheduled signing of the partner regional agreement between Lviv region and the German federal land of Thuringia. Before now, the connecting point between the two regions used to be the Malopolska voivodship who had partner relations both with Lviv region and with Thuringia. The Center for Civic Education of Thuringia, an administrative unit of the Federal Land Chancellery is genuinely interested in regaining existing contacts with the organizations from Lviv region, in developing new relations and creating future joint trilateral projects. That is why, during her stay in Lviv, Marta Kurek dealt with the history of the region and the topics of modern social issues in Lviv and in Ukraine. She learned more about the projects of the Center and other proactive organizations, as well as draft the plans for cooperation in educational projects.