Audiovisual Heritage

Audiovisual Heritage

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October 27, 2018

October, 27  is the World Day of Audiovisual Heritage

Audiovisual documents, films, and home videos, television archives and radio programs recordings – all of these make up our common heritage mostly related to the 19th -20th century history. However, according to historians, the materials are not that old, but they require special storing conditions, and special technical means for reproduction.

The World Day of Audio Visual Heritage adopted and supported by UNESCO  is the opportunity to articulate and actualize the problems in preserving this peculiar type of cultural heritage!

Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History has long been digitizing, researching, and promoting the use of audiovisual heritage in Ukraine. In the various formats of activities and events we have, we try to use the materials from the collections of the media archive, both for academic research, and also for art projects. One of the examples is the video art TIME FORWARD. TWO TIMES BACK produced by an artist Oleh Voronko. It is based on the digitalized materials of Lviv television. The piece of work is the author’s reflection about how a city, Lviv in particular, experienced socialism. 

Congratulations to all colleagues, especially the media archivists and all others who care about the preservation of the audiovisual heritage!