Our Lady of the Snow Church

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Our Lady of the Snow Church
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Church of Our Lady of the Snow, Krakowski Square, Żółkiewska Street, people, carts
Leopold Weisz, Budapest
90х140 mm
Ihor Kotlobulatov
W.L.Bp.[Weisz Leopold (Lipot), Budapeszt]
265520282o Lwów - Lemberg. Kościół Maryi Śnieżnej - Marien Kirche.

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ID: 02737
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Copyright: Dietrich Demmer
Subject: street, city, religious buildings, architecture, building, church, people
Former Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary of Snow (presently the Greek Catholic church of the Mother of God) is one of the oldest Christian churches of Lviv; it was founded by German colonists during the late Middle Ages. The main construction periods are the thirteenth century (erection of a wooden church), the years around 1350 (stone Roman Catholic Church), the seventeenth century (reconstruction), the eighteenth century (fixing up the interior), 1888-1892 (reconstruction by the architect Julian Zachariewicz, when Neo-Roman elements were introduced).  

The Church of Virgin Mary of Snow, one of the oldest churches in the city, was reconstructed in the late nineteenth century by architect Julian Zachariewicz. After the renovation of the exterior and the interior of the church was completed, a statue of Virgin Mary was installed on a pedestal to the right of the church's main entrance. The statue was taken from the Missionaries Church in the suburb of Zamarstynów/Zamarstyniv. The prevailing opinion among art historians is that the statue was authored by Johann Georg Pinsel (1768). The statue “quietly” perished in the 1970s.