Pl. Mytna, 2 – former st. Clarisse convent church

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Pl. Mytna, 2 – former st. Clarisse convent church
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sacral building, street, square, people
Unpublished resources
Volodymyr Rumyantsev

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ID: 02370
City: Lviv
Date: 1837
Format: 16,4х23,7 сm; 22,2х28,5 сm
Creator: Karl Auer
Publisher: Piotr Piller, Lemberg
Copyright: Oleh Vvedenskyi
Subject: Bernardine Church, tower, monastery
ID: 02064
City: Lviv
Date: 1932-1939
Format: 14x9 cm
Creator: Leon Czechowicz
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Andriy Otko
Subject: St. Elizabeth church, interior, main altar
ID: 02869
City: Brody
Date: 1929
Format: 140x90 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: "Wspolczesna Sztuka", Przemysl
Copyright: Library of the Institute of Ethnology, Lviv
Subject: Church
ID: 02231
City: Lviv
Date: 1938
Format: 140х90 mm
Creator: T. Todorovski
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Project, church, architecture, model
ID: 02022
City: Lviv
Date: 1941-1944
Format: 15х10 cm
Creator: Ludwik Tyrowicz
Publisher: Press №1, Lviv
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Church, architecture, walls, street, transport, people
ID: 00090
City: Lviv
Date: 1913
Format: 10х14 cm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Leon Propst, Lwow
Copyright: Taras Pinyazhko
Subject: St. Mari Magdalene church
ID: 02073
City: Lviv
Date: 1919
Format: 14x9 cm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Publishing House "Centr Europy", Lviv
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Church, architecture, war, ruins
ID: 02179
City: Lviv
Date: 1900-1901
Format: 140х90 mm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Franciszek Niżałowski, Lwow
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Church of Our Lady of the Snow, Our Lady statue, people, city growth
ID: 02059
City: Lviv
Date: 1939
Format: 17х11 cm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Copyright: Juriy Zaverbnyj
Subject: Church, architecture, seminary, ruin, war
The former Clarisse Order Convent (presently the Museum of J. H. Pinsel, a branch of the Lviv Art Gallery). The Clarisse Order Convent is the most noticeable feature of the lower part of Lychakivska Street. It was constructed in 1607 (by the architect P. Rymlianyn), and its interior was fixed up in the 1760’s. Over the course of 1938-1939, restoration with partial reconstruction (by the architect Y. Lobos) was conducted. As a result, the church’s architecture demonstrates a combination of Renaissance, Baroque and Art Deco forms.