Winter School on Digital Humanities

Winter School on Digital Humanities

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Центр міської історії, Український католицький університет

From January 15 to 19, a winter school on digital humanities of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities of the Ukrainian Catholic University will be held in cooperation with the Center for Urban History.

As part of the school, the Center's researchers will conduct a visual laboratory aimed at introducing students to the concepts of iconography and iconology through interaction with visual material, as well as reviewing various digital tools for image analysis and recognition, including Google Vision, comparing their online capabilities, and discussing possible applications of these technologies. An additional block of the workshop will be devoted to analyzing existing museum and archival image recognition projects. Participants will also be encouraged to think about possible ways to use digital tools in the study and analysis of visual material.

Historian and researcher Bohdan Shumylovych, head of the Urban Media Archive project Anastasiya Kholyavka, and head of the Center's digital history projects Taras Nazaruk will offer four sessions:

1. What is visual studies?

The lecture will address the issue of the visual turn and how the discipline of visual studies was formed in the United States and other countries. The lecturer will talk about the difference between art history and visual studies and why this field of research is important.

2. Workshop.

In practice, students will be able to work out the relationship between iconography and iconology and how an image can serve as a source for a researcher.

3. Using image recognition tools in museums and archives (Lecture)

The lecture will focus on the various challenges faced by institutions working with large amounts of visual data. Using examples of projects from specific institutions, we will analyze ways to implement digital tools for researching collections, engaging audiences, and creating and disseminating knowledge.

4. Seminar/practical work

Students will be invited to use online versions of tools to analyze images from the archive and from previous work in a visual workshop. This will allow them to reflect on the possibilities they open up for working with large amounts of visual data.

More information about the program can be found here.

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Cover Image: Ukrainian Catholic University

Gallery:  Olha Shakhnyk