City walk along the architecture of modernism of the interwar Lviv

City walk along the architecture of modernism of the interwar Lviv

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June 23, 2018 / 12 am

Modernization of urban life in Lviv in 1918-1939 is related to architecture that includes both special aesthetics and innovative engineering and structural solutions in planning residential and public buildings that changed views on shaping the architectural environment.  During the city walk, we shall talk about how these new views on architecture and the city in general interacted with the available urban space, and also about where the architecture of modernism belonged in terms of transformation processes in the region.

The walk was based on examples described in particular within the "Lviv Interactive" project. It is a digital platform to study the history of Lviv through places and spaces where research texts and multimedia materials are represented on the interactive map. Materials of the project that are about the architecture of functionalism were presented on June, 21, during the discussion at URBAN Library.

The walk was guided by

Yuliya  Bohdanova

 an architect, a historian of architecture, author of the research of the architecture of Lviv of the interwar period

Yulian Chaplinskyy

a chief architect of the city of Lviv.

The walk was free of charge with prior registration.