Wiktor Węglewicz

Wiktor Węglewicz

Jagiellonian University

  • Research topic:
     The Ukrainian Civil Committee in Lviv and Its Assistance to the Ukrainian POWs and Interned Persons in the Polish Camps (1918-1921)
    February 2019
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Wiktor is the PhD Candidate from Jagiellonian University, Faculty of History. He graduated at the JU Institute of History in 2013 (the topic of master thesis concerns of POWs and internees camp of Dąbie in 1918-1921 y.). From October 2013 he has been studying at the PhD studies under scientific supervision of dr hab. Jan Jacek Bruski, Associate Professor (Department of the Contemporary History).

The doctoral dissertation is focused on the fate of Ukrainian Prisoners-of-wars and internees from Eastern Galizia in the Polish captivity during and after the Polish - Ukrainian war 1918 – 1919 (until autumn of 1921 y). In the dissertation, various topics will be moved, such as creating and development the Polish captivity system, attitude of Polish authorities to POWs and internees, but also topics of everyday life: alimentation, living condition in the camps, illnesses, cultural life, getaways etc.

Besides of studies at Jagiellonian University, he took part twice in the Erasmus programme (in 2012/2013 at the University of Florence and in 2015/2016 at the Charles University in Prague). From February until July 2017. he was doing researches during the Visegrad Fund scholarship at the Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Science of Ukraine in Kyiv (topic about Ukrainian military émigré in East – Central Europe 1921 – 1939 y.).

He is the author of several scientific articles published in Poland and Ukraine as well as many conferences.

During his research in Centre for Urban History in Lviv, Wiktor Węglewicz would like to add to his dissertation the question of help to the Ukrainian POWs and internees from Ukrainian Relief Committee in Lviv from December 1918 until September 1921. The Committee provided widespread help, such as sending material support, organizing the kitchens for prisoners of Brygidki, collecting clothes etc. For the purposes of project, the sources from Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine and State Archive of Lviv Province are used as well as Lviv’s scientific libraries (Stefanyk National Library and Centre for Urban History library).