Katharina Haberkorn

Katharina Haberkorn

The Faculty of Central European Studies at Andrássy University Budapest

  • Research topic:
    Features of Commemoration after WWI in Bukovyna
    January-February 2015
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Katharina is a PhD candidate at Andrássy University Budapest. Her topics of research include cultural studies, memory studies, construction of urban spaces and minorities in Central Europe. She is working on research in Lviv on "Features of Commemoration after World War I in Bukovyna."

Influenced by anthropology, cultural studies and history she is devoted to public space and forms of representation at the crossroad of empires and changing statehood is in focus. Repeated border shifts and their cultural, social, political implications (language, symbols) as well as the examination of violence (cemetieres, monuments) are central issues. Bukovyna in the early 20th century covers these aspects and will be shown as case study. The research project focuses on urban cemeteries in the region of Bukovyna in today’s Ukraine and their spatial foundation as well as their characteristic features in material culture. Cemeteries as ‘other spaces’ resemble historical narratives and interact with other features in public space (i.e. monuments). Partly they overlap in their statements; partly they complement one another or they unveil contradictory aspects of the past. They are symbols of history and historical memory.

During the stay in Lviv Katharina Haberkorn will use the center’s media archive and complete archival research on the late Habsburg and early Romanian city planning and commemoration practices.