Kateryna Ruban

Kateryna Ruban

Kyiv Mohyla Academy

  • Research topic:
    Lviv’s Intellectual Space from the Late Soviet to the Post-Soviet Period
    January 2010
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Kateryna Ruban, a post-graduate of the Faculty of Cultural Studies of the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", works for the Center of Visual Culture of the Academy. Her theses have focused on changes in the post-Soviet urban space of Lviv, out of which the most noticeable currently are narrative and metaphors of memory. At the same time, memory from subjective picture of the past has transformed into the accuracy of archive documents, and the archive itself becomes an embodiment of collective historic memory. A conditional term of "archive politics" where Lviv and its archives will be in the center of attention reflects politics of memory in the modern Ukraine in general.

The main directions of the research are as follows:

  • Memory as meta-narration, metaphysical identity and ideology;
  • From history to people’s memory;
  • Memory, authorities and archive: producing historic truth back then and today;
  • Archive’s knowledge of history: archive as a popular image of absolute knowledge about the past;
  • Defined by archive: victims and criminals in a totalitarian state;
  • Historians with shoulder straps: a history class from the Security Service of Ukraine.