VIDEOLOG by Alina and Jeff Bliumis

VIDEOLOG by Alina and Jeff Bliumis

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September 1, 2009  / 5.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

MediaDepo presented VIDEOLOG by Alina and Jeff Bliumis at the Center for Urban History. The event was a part of the Week of Contemporary Art in Lviv.  VIDEOLOG is an video art exhibition, kindly presented by Media Art Laboratory CYLAND from Russia  (, curator Sergey Teterin,

Exhibition represented series of six short art-video on legendary people – intellectual artists. The main idea of the authors of this sequence was "to build a mirror, which shows aura and energy of these marvelous people." You would see together or separately V. Komar and O. Melamid, Ernst Neizvestny, Vagrich Bakhchanian, K. Kuzminskii, Leonid Sokov.

Exhibition included:

  1. (Ernst Neizvestny) 6 min, 2003
  2. R.A.P. – RUSSIAN AURA OF PENNSYLVANIA (video with Konstantine Kuzminskii)
  3. ART MINISTRY_Komar and Melamid (2003)
  4. BOKOV (2004)
  5. VA BACH (2003)
  6. IN THREE PARTS (2003)

Alina and Jeff Bliumis 

are multidisciplinary artists, currently live and work in NYC, originally both of them are from the former Soviet Union. Their creative union has developed in 2000 and since then they carried out a number of successful projects. The artists embody their art plans in the diversified medias. It could be either high tech art (video-art, computer graphics, 3D-installation) or more conventional art such as painting, bronze sculpture and photo. The artists often refer to their own experiences, migration topics and social adaptation of people to new environment. Works of Alina and Jeff can be characterized in terms of Western psychedelic imagery. Juggling with virtual symbolism, meditative contemplation practices, intended reconstruction by the viewer of the various elements of representation- all of it is accumulated in their creative method.


Сover Image: Jeff Bloomis' sculpture "Dam lines", 2008.