'The Polish-Russian War'

'The Polish-Russian War'

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May 18, 2011 / 6.30 pm

Exhibition Hall, Center for Urban History

A film to accompany the Places 2001-2011 exhibit will be screened.

Polish-Russian War (Poland, 2009)
Director: Xawery Zulawski
Language: Polish

The film is based on the young Polish writer Dorota Maslowska’s sensational bestselling novel Polish – Russian War under a White and Red Banner. All the critics agree that Zulawski managed to accomplish the impossible—to adequately relay, on the silver screen, the intricate and complicated story Maslowska wrote using the narrative mode called stream of consciousness while stylizing it with rap-lyrics. While the book and film have a concrete protagonist—the Polish dresiarze (member of a slacker subculture typically clothed in tracksuits) with the proud surname of Sylny (Strong)—all events occur in the author’s mind. Dorota Maslowska is both the creator and the character of the story. The world, constructed in the writer’s head, is in no way subjective; it is a very precise and penetrating projection of the current realities. Maslowska cannot be blamed for the excessive violence, aggression, xenophobia, ignorance, and illicit drug use in it.

No Charge for Admission