SWAP 2019

SWAP 2019

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November 12, 2019 / 6.30 pm

Welcome artists, curators, and anyone interested in art to attend the presentation of the SWAP: UK/Ukraine residency programme for artists and curators.

This year, the British Council art residencies program for the second time partners with the institutions from Lviv – Jam Factory Art Center and the Center for Urban History.The SWAP: UK/Ukraine residency programme offers support to promising artists and curators from Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

In November, the Center’s Urban Media Archive hosts a visual artist based in London Loreal Prystaj. Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges will work with the Jam Factory Art Center.

Loreal Prystaj (b. 1990, New York, USA)

is a visual artist based in London, UK, recently graduating with an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art. Her work presently focuses on the subconscious and inherited psyche. By performing as or ‘playing’ in cultural motifs – narratively or decoratively – Prystaj transforms once familiar spaces into mise en scène that highlights the connection between the physical environment and the internal states past and present. She expresses these ideas through photography, collecting, installation, and sculptural interpretation. Loreal will spend the residency in Lviv at Lviv Centre for Urban Histories during October-November 2019.

Robbie Coleman (b.1960, Kelowna, Canada) and Jo Hodges (b.1962, Ipswich, UK)

have a shared multidisciplinary public arts practice. Their context led work investigates ecological and socio-cultural systems, processes and relationships, and explores new ways of working in public. They are interested in research, experimentation and collaboration and exploring how art can contribute to new thinking around social and ecological change. Duet’s practice takes a range of forms; research, socially engaged and participatory projects and processes, permanent and temporary works and site-specific installations. Robbie and Jo will spend the residency in Lviv at Jam Factory Art Center during October-November 2019.

In Ukraine, the British Council works with the YermilovCentre and the Municipal Art Gallery, from Kharkiv, the Museum of Odesa Modern Art, Kyiv’s Izolyatsia: Platform for Cultural Initiatives, and Lviv’s Jam Factory Art Center and Centre for Urban History; in Britain, Liverpool Biennial and its partner venues in the city – Bluecoat, FACT and Open Eye Gallery – provide the expertise. The objective of the programme is captured in its name – SWAP. Cultures, artistic traditions and trends, innovations in technique, perspective and philosophy cross-pollinate as creative minds travel the breadth of Europe to experience the artistic abundance of geographies both physical and psychological, territories once walled off that are now open for exploration.


Сover Image: Helen Flanagan, Blood Sweat Tears, 2019 installation view at the Museum of Odesa Modern Art, photo: Oleg Kutskiy