Presentation of the upgraded version of Lviv Interactive

Presentation of the upgraded version of Lviv Interactive

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March 28, 2018 / 6.30 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Lviv Interactive is an attempt to use research texts to locate the past within urban space. Over 10 years of its functioning, Lviv Interactive prepared materials about over a thousand of sites in Lviv and placed political, social, artistic, and architectural processes of the late 19th 20th century into the context of the city.

The digital encyclopedia is special in its features to show the network of links between places, people, and settings. In this way, a view on a specific places becomes a broader perspective on the life in the city where everything is interrelated. At the same time, it implies that exploration of the past can not only take a linear approach, but also offer a random sequence and a choice of varied scenarios.

Experience of using the materials of the digital encyclopedia is also the experience of using the interface. Thus, for the upgraded version, we changed the structure of materials and the visual language, added new functions for search and result display. It will make it easier to view specific stories, and also broader historical contexts they are part of. We will also tell you about further stages of the project development. In particular, you will learn about the plans to combine architectural view on urban space with the stories of people and settings that produced the space and engaged with it.

The project will be presented by the project coordinator Taras Nazaruk, editor of architecture entries Olha Zarechnyuk, editor of history entries Vasyl Rasevych, author of visuals Andriy Linik, website developer Liubomyr Oliynyk.