Kazimir Malevych and Ukrainian Art

Kazimir Malevych and Ukrainian Art

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September 12, 2013

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Center held a meeting with the author of the monograph "Malevych" – French art history scholar, Jean Claude Marcadé.

In addition to Professor Marcadé, scheduled to participate in the discussion: Vita Susak, curator of the Lviv National Art Gallery; Lidia Lykhach, director of Rodovid Publishing; Oles Dzyndra, founder of the Museum of Ideas; Zenoviy Mazuryk, Chairman of the Association of Museums and Galleries; management from the municipal Cultural Department; and art and culture historians. Bohdan Shumylovych, research fellow at the Center for Urban History, will moderate the discussion.

During the Lviv Publishers’ Forum, Professor Marcadé presented his monograph, the album "Malevych", which was published in Ukrainian by Kyiv’s Rodovid Publishing.

The presentation was conducted in French, English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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Jean-Claude Marcadé 

is among the world’s preeminent scholars of avant-garde art. He holds a PhD in literature, serves as a museum curator, is the honorary research Chair at the French National Center of Academic Research (C.N.R.S.), and head of the “Friends of Antoine Pevsner” Society. He is the author of several books, including: “Malevych” (1990), “The Russian Avant-Garde – 1907-1927” (1995, 2007); “Calder” (2006); “Eisenstein. Confidential Drawings” (1998); “Anna Staritska” (2000); “The Works of N.S. Leskov” (2006); and “Nicolas de Stael: Paintings and Drawings” (2009).


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