Film screening

Film screening "It Will Get Better" / Będzie lepiej (Michał Waszyński, 1936)

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September 12, 2019 / 6.30 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The film "It Will Get Better" first shows on the screen a popular humoristic duet of Tonko and Szcepko, hosts of a well-known radio program "Funny Lviv Wave." It was a hot ticket film in the 1930s. It is also the first episode of the "Lviv trilogy" by Michał Waszyński. In the Soviet Union period, the film has never been on in Lviv.

You will hear about the film "It Will Get Better" (Będzie lepiej) from the researchers of life and work of Michał Waszyński: an author and a script writer Stanislav Tsalyk, and a film director and media artist Oleg Chorny.

The film will be screened in the original language (Polish). 

Free admission.

The screening will commemorate the 115th anniversary of the day of birth of a film director Michał Waszyński, as part of the project [unarchiving] of the Urban Media Archive of the Center.

[unarchiving] is the project of informal presentations of sets and collections of the Urban Media Archive to promote and mainstream the problems of archival heritage in the community. We are committed to shape new attitudes on archiving and present historical collections in an unusual perspective. The events from the series include public viewing and listening to visual, audiovisual, or audio pieces that could use a different format from academic settings and create an atmosphere of free reflection and discussion, as well as combine popular formats and archival historical collections. It will be the nights of cine-music or photo-music, film screenings, photo presentations, and other events representing a dialogue of the present day and the past times.

The event takes place as supported by the Polish Institute in Kyiv.

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Сover Image: Still from "It Will Get Better" / Będzie lepiej (Michał Waszyński, 1936)