U Stories: Oral History and Urban Experience

U Stories: Oral History and Urban Experience

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April 28, 2015 / 6.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

What is the digital archive of in-depth interviews and oral histories? On what basis should it be organized? What problems arise while it is being created? Who makes the decision about what can and cannot be posted on-line? In what way do saved interviews add to the understanding of history "from below" and help establish a dialogue about a difficult but common past? Finally, how can the archive materials be used for educational, research, and exhibition projects? These and other issues will be proposed for discussion at the meeting. There will also be a presentation of the resource and browsable collections.

"U Stories: Oral History and Urban Experience" an archive of in-depth interviews collected through various research projects implemented at the Center for Urban History from 2008 until the present. The purpose of this collection is to maintain and make available to researchers and all interested individuals the memoirs and reflections of Lviv’s inhabitants, as well as to expand the use of such sources in the study of the urban history of Lviv and other cities in the region. To that end, the project aims to create a digital resource for people who are interested in different aspects of everyday life in the city and who work with oral history and information obtained from in-depth interviews.